Safety Tips

Bazaroo Safety Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to help users conduct multiple transaction on Bazaroo in a hassle-free, safe and secure manner.

For Sellers:

  1. Ensure that your advertisement is unambiguous, and clearly explains your product/service.
  2. You may use multiple channels (chat, email, call, comment etc) to communicate with the buyer.
  3. Schedule personal meetings with the buyer in public places only.
  4. Set a date/time for the buyer to make online payment for virtual and digital goods (video game accounts, digital movies/books etc) you intend to sell before starting the selling process.
  5. Ensure the buyer has verified the quality/quantity/standards of the product/service before entering into a buying agreement.

For Buyers:

  1. Carefully read the item (product/service) description by the seller, and contact the advertiser (seller) for any clarifications (using any channel such as chat, email, call etc) before entering into any buying agreement.
  2. Be aware of the market price of comparable products/competing brands and ensure any special offers/discounts/deals are genuine.
  3. Digital payment for virtual and digital goods (video game accounts, digital movies/books etc) may be done on a mutually agreed on date/time.
  4. Meet the seller at safe public places only, and thoroughly inspect the product before buying/paying.
  5. Never share with the seller any personal information that is not required or related to the buying process.
  6. Try to collect as much information about the seller as possible and verify the seller’s credentials before agreeing to buy. Sellers carrying “Bazaroo Verified” badge are genuine and trustworthy. However, not having “Bazaroo Verified” badge doesn’t indicate the seller is not trustworthy.

How can you keep your account safe?

  • Ensure your account details are not shared with or revealed to anyone.
  • Ensure your password is at least 8-character strong, and includes a combination of letters, numbers and special characters/symbols. Avoid easy to guess password.
  • Avoid sharing any personal information such as name, residential address, bank account details and personal email unless they are required.
  • Check the credential of the seller and look for “Bazaroo verified” badge. The badge indicates the seller is genuine and trustworthy. Please note that all sellers may not have the “Bazaroo Verified” badge; and that doesn’t mean the seller is not trustworthy.
  • We take extra care to ensure every seller/advertisement is authentic. However, do report to us if you think a seller/advertisement is suspicious or fraudulent.


Report any form of harassment from any user on Bazaroo

You’re advised to contact the Bazaroo Customer Care/Legal Team in case you face any harassment from any user on Bazaroo. You are also advised to immediately report to Bazaroo Customer Care/Legal Team if you doubt the authenticity of a seller/advertisement.


Along with this, you are also advised to complaint to the police/law enforcing authorities, and our team will provide them all necessary details required for grievance redressal.


You may reach us on:

Whatsapp: +971 54 4463643

Telephone: 045681891