How Does Bazaroo Work?

Bazaroo is an open marketplace for buyers and sellers in the UAE to connect. At its core, what Bazaroo offers is simple, sellers can easily list an item for sale and buyers can directly contact sellers to arrange the transaction.

What is the definition and scope of the term Certified Seller??

The term Bazaroo Certified Seller denotes a seller on Bazaroo, whose credentials have been verified by Bazaroo. Documents that are verified include the ID card (carrying photo and address) issued by the Government and a selfie taken at the time of verification.

I like a product from an unVerified seller. But to ensure authenticity and safety, can I ask the seller to get a Bazaroo Verified Seller badge, before buying the item? What should I do?

Yes, you can. Just send him this <<link>> to the seller, and mention you’d like to buy from Bazaroo Verified Sellers only.

Am I allowed to view the verification documents submitted by a Bazaroo Verified Seller and know his personal details before buying the product?

Bazaroo doesn’t allow a buyer to view/inspect the verification documents and/or seller’s personal information via Bazaroo Platform. A Bazaroo Verified Seller is a trusted seller, as we have already done the necessary verification. No further evaluation is allowed through our platform.

If I suspect or find out that a particular seller is offering fake or sub-standard or unhealthy/harmful product, what can I do?

You may immediately report the matter to the Bazaroo legal team using the email Our legal team will take the next action.

Is it OK to make advance payment if the seller asks for it?

We don’t encourage buyers to make advance payment for product/service unless the buyer is toally convinced about the authenticity of the seller and quality of the product, or you know that the product is in high demand and want the seller to reserve the same for you. In any case, keep the advance amount a small fraction of the total price.

How can I know if the advance payment request is genuine or fraud?

Never make advance payment if: • The offer is unreasonably beneficial to you (the buyer) • Advance payment is demanded even before you are allowed to meet the seller in person and physically examine and evaluate the product • The seller advertises himself/herself to be working in government /police departments, or holding high office and having high connections etc. • The seller tries to get your sympathy by highlighting poverty, health issues, personal loss etc. • The deal involves guaranteed job offers • The advance payment is categorised as processing charges, taxes, courier/shipment fees etc. Refer to our Safety Guidelines to protect yourself from fraudsters.

How can I search for a product/service on Bazaroo?

It’s easy to search and find your favorite product on Bazaroo. You can use the convenient search bar. Just type the name of the product you are looking for, and press search. You’ll be taken to the pages with advertisements for the specific product. Just select an advertisement, and all the details of the produt and seller will appear. You have the choice to either call or chat with the seller. You can go ahead and complete the transaction. The second search method uses the search by category feature. Choose the relevant category and sub category and finally apply the search parameters/filters to narrow down your search. From an exciting collection of relevant ads, click on the one you like, and all details about that product and seller appears. Whatever your search mode, the product page allows you to contact the seller using email, call and chat options.

I want to contact the seller. What should I do?

Bazaroo allows a buyer to contact any seller through email, chat or call. We advise you to meet the seller in public places only.

I like to search for products/services near my location. Is it possible?

Certainly. Bazaroo has location based product search feature for you to find products and services in your location easily. By default, Bazaroo recognises your current location and displays a list of products/services near you. You may also manually enter any desired location in the location input box; and all ads relevant for that location will be displayed.

Why my location is not shown correctly on Bazaroo?

Kindly check the default setting on your phone or browser.

I see ads that are not relevant to my area. What should I do?

The easiest way to see ads relevant to your area is to input your location in the search filter.

I don’t know the seller. How safe is meeting the seller?

Your safety is of utmost importance to you and us. Meet the seller only in public places. If the seller changes the meeting place after the initial agreement, make sure the new place is also safe for you, and you know the place. Never meet the seller if he/she changes the meeting place at short notice or the place is deserted. Ideal venues are malls, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants etc. It’s advisable to take someone (friend, relative etc) with you for the meeting.

I like a product/advertisement and want to revisit it later. How can I do that?

You can click the “Add to Favourites” button placed next to the ad image. Once you do this, the ad will be added to your favourite list. You can view all your favourite ads by clicking the “heart” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

How can I login to Bazaroo app and site?

You can login using your registered email id and password, or using your Google/Facebook /Apple account as the case may be.

How can I create my Bazaroo account? How can I register on Bazaroo?

To use the services available on Bazaroo most effectively, you need to register your details and thus create your personal account on Bazaroo. When you open the app or visit the website, you’ll be taken to the registration page, where you need to enter all the required information including valid email and mobile number. After this you will get a verification link on your registered email id. Once you click the verification link in your email, your registration process is complete. Now you can login using your email ID and password.

How can I post my ad on Bazaroo?

Go to, and click the “Post your ad now” button on the home screen. Follow the instructions on the page as you fill in the fields. You need to upload images of your product/service, select the relevant category of your product, and enter all the required details, and finally press the “Submit” button. Fields that are marked as required (they have a * in them) need to be filled promptly. Once your submitted ad is approved by Bazaroo, it will be published immediately. Your ad will NOT be published if the ad violates the terms of use and/or policy stipulated by Bazaroo.

How can I edit my ad?

It is NOT possible to edit the ad once it is posted. You may delete the ad and post again with revised/new content and images. We advise you to double check and confirm the advertisement details before you post it.

How can I delete my ad?

After logging in, click “Post your Ad now” button. You will see “MY POSTS”. Click it, and you see all your posted ads. Each ad has a delete icon at the end. Click it, and your ad is deleted from Bazaroo.

Is there any possibility that my ad will be rejected?

Yes, your ad may be rejected by Bazaroo, if the ad doesn’t adhere to Bazaroo policy and terms of use related to posting of ads.

What will happen if I place my ad in the wrong category?

Never post your ad in the wrong category. Wrong categorization means buyers interested in a particular category (where your ad should have been posted) won’t be able to see your ad.

Will placing the same ad in different categories help increase ad reach?

No. Instead of boosting your ad reach, multi-categorisation leads to confusion among buyers. Seller risks his/her credibility too.

Can I post the same ad repeatedly in the same category?

No. If you try to repeat an ad, without deleting the earlier ad, it will be considered a spam attempt, and your Bazaroo account could be blocked. Also, you are not allowed to place the same ad in different categories.

Is it allowed to post the same ad using different accounts?

No. This again falls under spam, and all your accounts involved in this malpractice may be blocked.

Is it OK to put a fake mobile number/contact number to protect my privacy as a seller?

It’s not allowed to use fake/non-existing or wrong telephone/mobile numbers. The practice amounts to cheating. On the other hand, the buyer won’t be able to contact you if the contact number is wrong.

Can I show a lower price for my product and later bargain with buyers for higher price?

No. You should advertise the real price. Asking for a higher price than what is offered in the ad spoils your credibility. Further, buyers can report the matter to Bazaroo legal team, and your account will be blocked.

Is it allowed to place multiple, un-related products in a single ad?

Certainly Not. Separate products must be advertised in separate ads. The only exception is when those products are offered together as a bundle/package. If you have several products to sell, you may set up your own shop at Bazaroo using the Create your own shop feature.

Will Bazaroo edit or change my ad?

Bazaroo won’t edit or change your ad. If your ad doesn’t follow the applicable rules and regulations of the country, or violates our terms of use and policy guidelines, your ad will not be posted; and your Bazaroo account will be blocked.

What is Verified Seller?

A verified seller on Bazaroo is a seller/advertiser who has submitted the required documents (Emirates ID card, trade license etc.) to Bazaroo for verification, and whose documents have been promptly verified by Bazaroo.

Why should I apply for Verified Seller badge?

As a seller on Bazaroo, your best bet for success is earning a Verified Seller badge from Bazaroo. The Verified Seller badge will be prominently displayed as part of your profile, and is easily visible to all. As a Verified Seller on Bazaroo, you earn the trust and loyalty of buyers instantly. People take your products/services seriously, and they feel safe and secure to deal with you. When users search for products and services, ads of Verified Sellers get priority over others. To sum up, you sell much better than non-verified sellers.

After my ad is published on Bazaroo, what happens next?

After your ad is published, it will be viewed by users/customers on Bazaroo. Whoever likes your product/service and wants to buy it will contact you through any or all of the communication channels provided on Bazaroo. These include email, mobile number and message/chat. You may be able to close the deal with the buyer of your choice. Please note that the payment is strictly between the seller and the buyer; and Bazaroo is no party to the payment.