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When the power to the regular lighting system fails or is interrupted, EX-Proof LED emergency lighting solutions are utilized to provide safe, dependable illumination indoors or outside to defined regions. In zones 1 and 2, zones 21 and 22, where corrosion, vibration, moisture, filth, and severe usage may be present, emergency LED lighting systems operate securely and dependably. Installations for safe, dependable, hazardous area emergency lighting are frequently found in refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries, grain processing, handling, or storage facilities, industrial operations, wastewater treatment facilities, and other locations. 

Rugged Design

Model No. SE-EXPEL-510
Built-in maintenance-free battery pack, the battery will be charged automatically when power is supply. And it will be in emergency light when the power fails.
The lamp head can be rotated around 270° from top to bottom, with wide lighting range.
Easy to install
LED indicator of main, charge, fault to easy to know the status of the light.
Self-inspections annual month. And test button for testing any time for user.
Equipped with an explosion-proof buzzer with a 65dB-85dB voice. When the product is in fault status, the buzzer will work 1-3s every minute to remind the user to maintain the product

You can call us at +971-4-454-1054 or mail us at sales@sharpeagle.uk

Website: https://www.sharpeagle.uk/

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